Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 States in 4 Days

Alex led the way on the Mount Rogers hike.

We took a short break at the Thomas Knob Shelter near the summit.

Taegan's favorite trail food was fruit snacks that would occasionally
 find there way down Daddy's shirt.

The summit was very cool and damp - covered in ferns and moss.

Alex - deep in thought at the summit.

Scenic view from the Mount Mitchell accent.

Taegan was more interested in  playing with rocks than hiking the trails.

This was another quick escape from Alex and Mommy.

Glamor shot from our trail guide Ranger Bass.

Taegan and Daddy cap off the hike by touching the summit marker.

Picture at the base of the Mount Sassafras Trail.
Eric and Alex dominate the summit marker.

This deck was just below the high point and offered a beautiful view 
of the South Carolina Mountains.

On our way to the final trail head of the trip - Brasstown Bald
Taegan spit his binky out, so I thought it was a perfect time to take a break.

The summit had a really cool tower with a visitor center and theater.

Once again the trail guide showed us some fancy moves.

Stalking our prey!

Getting ready for the steep decent.

Showing off my Smoky the Bear wrist band.