Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Twins!!

They are so cute!!

We are still alive!!

It has been way to long since our last post. We have had a crazy busy past few months. Since my last post I was able to go to Utah to see my sister Christina and her twin baby girls who are soooo cute I can't get over them!

Kyle has moved to Huntsville Alabama without me and I am really sad about that. We are waiting for me to move there for when our house is done. We should be closing around the 9th of October. Lets hope everything goes well so we can move into our new home!!

Our 4 Year anniversary was this past Monday so Kyle got a long weekend and came and got me and then we went to Hot Springs Arkansas. We had so much fun. I really miss him!! The next time we will see each other will be after his birthday trip to Utah where he is going to go to Yellowstone with his brothers and friends. He will have fun! I do have pics but Kyle took the camera with him to Huntsville and I will have to wait to post them when I see him again.

So that is pretty much it for the news now. I will try to keep it up better!